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Steve Middleton

Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Topics: Drug and Alcohol Awareness, PD Training, and Parent Community Night

Grade Levels: 7-12


Steve Middleton was able to connect with many of our students, sharing personal experiences that were relevant and resonating. He listened intently and showed genuine interest for each student.
— Katie Ralston, Cuba-Rushford Middle School Principal

Understanding Addictions


In today's society, we are facing addictions of all types (OPIOIDS, alcohol, just to name a few...) at epidemic proportions.  The stronghold of addiction is plaguing our communities in ways we have never seen before. Many of our students are being consumed and lost to the grip of these challenges, but there is hope!  Best Choice Events has been led to capture the essence of the 12 Step Process in a dynamic way and have made it a purposeful mission to help others discover freedom! The approach is based on valid and proven foundations for recovery.

Training & Learning Points

  • Understanding the true nature of the Disease of Addiction and why it's classified as a disease.

  • Revealing the hidden role that scripture played in establishing successful recovery all around the world.

  • Learning how vital it is to maintain one's recovery.

The Process Teaches

  • The true origin of the 12 Step Process

  • All of the important players that were part of its inception

  • The clear barriers that prevent many from choosing freedom

  • The spiritual mechanics that comprise the process and what that may entail

  • The evident outcome that leads one to choose freedom

Steve presents a Drugs & Alcohol program that provides meaningful content intended to have the staff and students on the edge of their seats. He has been led to capture the essence of the 12 Step Process in a dynamic way and has made it his life mission to help others discover freedom! His approach is based on valid and proven foundations for recovery. 
For the past 24 years, Steve Middleton has been effectively impacting countless numbers of individuals through his words and his coaching.  Consumed by the ravages of drug addiction at an earlier stage in his life, Steven has dedicated his passion and energy in a very unique style of communicating the much needed information to empower and uplift his listeners and readers from all over the country.
A sought after speaker, Steven is also a published author of his dynamic book titled “Life Love Liberty", where he poetically captures the spiritual insights of day to day, personal interactions. 

To his credit, Steven is also a former World Power-lifting Champion record holder.

Steven can also conduct an evening workshop for parents and guardians that gives them simple strategies they can use to help their teens make good decisions.  Parents will learn how to make the risks of substance abuse real to their teens as well as how to use their teens own goals and dreams to protect them.


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